The Bathroom Werewolf

Ahh! I missed my deadline by nine minutes! I’m sorry! But, well, it’s only 12:09, and it certainly still feels like Friday night to me. THIS DOESN’T COUNT. I make the rules. And anyway, it’s Friday somewhere. Like California. It’s still very much Friday over there. Granted, I’m not in California, but let’s pretend.

Another short one, because nothing is happening other than homework. Homework is happening. Very slowly, very gradually, but it is happening.

I just went to the bathroom, and one of the stall doors was hanging off its hinges. I went ahead and peed anyway. But I’m assuming it’s a full moon and I missed a werewolf transformation. I shall be locking my door tonight. You are on a journey, Mysterious Bathroom Werewolf. Godspeed.


One thought on “The Bathroom Werewolf

  1. Lunacy! You’ve gone from a post every two months to a post every day…That was most unexpected; greatly welcomed, but unexpected. I had to do a little catching up but I got several laughs and smiles from it, so no harm done. I just got back to college as well and start classes on Monday. Gosh…I think I feel as unprepared and socially awkward about this semester as you do. Oh well. BRING IT ON!

    I’ll look forward to upcoming posts. Keep on being awesome. =]

    P.S. You know, I think I’ve been reading this blog for almost two years now…Pretty crazy how fast the time goes.

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