Roll Call and Accents

Winter semester started today. I get disproportionately nervous when professors take roll, which is weird, isn’t it? I know exactly what they’re going to say. I know exactly what I’m supposed to say. This is a dance I’ve been doing my whole life. And yet as soon as I half-raise my hand and say “here,” in my mind I’m just giving a great sigh of relief and thinking, “I just did that WITHOUT INCIDENT. I AM CLEARLY SUPERIOR IN ALL THINGS.”

In my first class, someone tried to say their name was Ghost Rider. My professor, at one point during the lecture, used the word “kinky.” I think this is indicative how that class is going to go.

In my second class, the professor had an accent I just couldn’t identify. It turns out the accent was equal parts German, Welsh, Australian, and Texan. Just try imagining that nefarious conglomeration of sounds and you’ll understand my befuddlement. I have a Midwestern American accent. Most of the people I know have Midwestern American accents. I was tickled when she said “taking register” instead of “taking roll,” and I can’t wait to hear her say more words.


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