Well, I’m back at school. It’s been about eight hours, and I still haven’t unpacked. I didn’t buy any school supplies. I’m not 100% sure I know where my classes are. I’m really starting this semester off on the right foot. I think I’m having a hard time transitioning from winter break. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll wake up and snap out of it. Just BAM, ready to go. I know this is unlikely, and getting even less likely the longer I stay up.

When I first came here back in September, my RA put up handmade posters on everyone’s doors with their names on it. A month or so into the semester, mine was stolen. My RA finally got around to making me another one just now, which she put on my door surreptitiously while I was in the bathroom. I returned to find this picture, with my name under it:

I… I don’t even know what to do with that. I would take an actual picture of the door to prove it to you beyond all reasonable doubt, that this is what I am presenting to the world, but I’m afraid to look at it. Afraid it will be looking back at me. I’m afraid to get rid of it, too. I’m afraid it’ll just come back.


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