Moral of the story: I frighten small children.

I got a new phone today, because my old one was falling apart. It bears mentioning that I like to put off getting fingerprints all over my phone as long as I possibly can. I hate smudges. I hate fingerprints. I can go a solid year without making my bed, but when it comes to phone smudges, I can’t stand a second of it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get one of those screen protectors on it until later. A friend of the family had some extras, so why pay for them? This meant, however, that I would have to wait for them to come over for dinner, and subsequently would be forced to go an entire day living in constant fear of smudging.

But alas! I didn’t actually have to. We have these little bags from a friend who works at Verizon. The phone fits perfectly inside the bag, and you can still use it. The upside is I avoided awful smudges. The downside is I looked like an absolute freaking lunatic, standing in line at the movies with my bagged phone.

I saw Les Misérables again, and I heard someone behind me ask about halfway through the movie, “Does this take place during the French Revolution?” to which someone else replied, “I dunno, I think so.” It took everything I had not to turn and hiss at them, least of all because I’m a horrible, terrible snob of a person with a penchant for hissing, and most of all because that question is answered in the first five seconds of the movie. I’ve hissed at people for much less. (It was this little girl at Burger King. She was laughing at my BK crown. My friends always bring this up. I don’t know why.)


2 thoughts on “Moral of the story: I frighten small children.

    • THERE’S JUST NO EXCUSE FOR IT. And this is coming from someone who’s seen Inception like 5,000 times and still has questions. (To be fair, the last 4,996 were for Arthur.)

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