Clearly my time is invaluable.

So far I’ve watched a rather astonishing amount of movies over the course of winter break. Sometimes at the theater, giving the illusion that I go out and do things, and sometimes just sitting unabashedly on my ass in front of the TV.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my purse is a black hole. So going to the theater invariably ends with me fishing around in there for some money, and then going, “Hang on, I know I’ve got it, just let me—” at which point everyone gets to bear witness to me dumping what appears to be the contents of a hoarder’s house onto the ticket counter. My friends, over break, have remarked at least three times that my purse is The Black Hole. Usually this is while I’m looking for a) money, as previously mentioned, or b) my phone, which I can never seem to just put in the front pocket. Jaws drop and eyes eventually glaze over as I unpack mittens, sunglasses, my infamous gigantic wallet, restaurant menus, maps, various food items, an empty water bottle (never a full one, because that would be useful), hand warmers from football games when it’s ten degrees out, movie tickets, a book, wrappers, and receipts. Dear Lord, the receipts. I have more receipts than I have material possessions, I think. I lose crap all the time, but God forbid I lose the receipt.

As of right now I’ve seen The Hobbit, This is 40, Les Miserables (twice), Lincoln (twice), and Life of Pi. Respectively, they were great, hilarious, fantastic, amazing, and pretty good. I’ve eaten a lot of candy, peed in a lot of public bathrooms, and awkwardly bumped elbows with a fair amount of armrest-hogging strangers.


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