My (sort of) New Year’s Resolution

I’m going to post once every day this year. Starting now, January first. I won’t do it. I know I won’t. I’ll break, either sometime this week or sometime mid-February. I’m predictable that way. My friend gave me directions to her dorm once, and, after looking them over thoroughly, I said to her, “Having looked at these directions, I know exactly where I’m going to get lost.” And so the prophecy came to pass. I did get lost, precisely where I thought I would. Damn U-turns.

But anyway, I’m going to try. That’s what counts, right? I’m already making progress, I think. I adjusted the settings on this blog thing so the time would actually reflect my timezone. It literally took me two years to do this.

Anyway, get ready to see me at my worst as I scrounge together a barely passable blog post at the eleventh hour, in the weeks (or days? hours?) to come.


7 thoughts on “My (sort of) New Year’s Resolution

  1. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the post, but which University of Michigan do you attend? Because I got accepted to Ann Arbor and was looking for an insight into the life at the university. Thank you so much Elodie! Although I don’t go on anymore, I used to love your articles for Sparklife.

    • Hey! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!

      I do indeed go to the UM in Ann Arbor, and I don’t personally know anyone who regrets going there. I love it, not least of all because it’s a cool town and there are always fun things happening.

      As you’ve probably gleaned from my articles and/or posts, I don’t exactly make a habit of doing the party thing, but I know you can always find some good ones if you look. So, there’s that.

      It also has the best/most hilariously named classes. Darren Criss purportedly took one called “Poop, Farts, and Other Disgusting Things.” My favorite so far has been “Natural Disasters: When Earth Attacks.” We have clubs galore: a Squirrel Watching Club as well as a Squirrel Feeding Club, a pretty kickass Quidditch Team, and an annual Yule Ball. Also, the Law Quad looks like Hogwarts. The Harry Potter nerd within me has definitely been satisfied thus far.

      On a more serious note: THE CLASSES. There were a good many that I absolutely LOVED, and just a few I disliked but managed to get through. (That’s life, right?) The sizes vary. My smallest class had 12 people, and my largest had around 400. I don’t know if you’ve gone on a tour, but if you have, they likely mentioned that you can’t walk over the M in the diag or you’ll fail your first bluebook exam. Of course, I walked over the M my third week there, and not even in a badass “I DO WHAT I WANT, DAMMIT” way, but more in a “Wh… did I just… OH, GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?” way. I did not, however, fail my first bluebook. Take from that what you will.

      You’ll probably hear (or already have heard) that some freshmen wind up on North Campus, which is notorious for being so far from Central Campus that those who live there matriculate in the woods and are one with the wilderness. In truth, I think it’s about ten-minute bus ride away, and it’s not completely terrible. If you live there, you’ll definitely have to learn the bus system, something I still haven’t mastered… mostly because I don’t have to. If you really want to avoid that whole business, you could apply to something like the Honors Program, the Residential College (a language-intensive community that basically just requires you to take a language), or the Martha Cook dorm (girls only, but it’s the most beautiful dorm on campus), all of which are on Central Campus, which is where most classes are. But a good friend of mine lived on North Campus freshman year, and she didn’t mind at all; she just had a bit of a commute every day.

      I think what I love most about Michigan is just… the atmosphere. I remember towards the end of last year, I left class, walked around downtown (past all the shops, theaters, and restaurants) to grab some food, received a free high-five at the diag and a flyer for a talent show, plopped down on the lawn amidst the other people studying, and just thought, “Holy shit, I’m a college student.” I don’t think I ever felt more college-y than I did right then, with my to-go lunch from my favorite restaurant and my textbook out as I watched the acrobats’ club doing stunts twenty yards or so away. Over the course of my freshman year, I endured much homesickness, a tornado, and my roommate throwing up in my bed, and I still came away from it thinking, “Yes, I will do this again.”

      Basically, I think you will love it. It’s a fantastic school, and pretty much the only one I wanted to go to. (And that’s coming from a lifelong Spartan fan.) If you have any other questions, let me know! And hail to the victors!

      • Thank you so much for your reply! It definitely covered what others had not told me (i.e best/most hilariously named course classes). I now also know to apply for either the Residential College or the Honors program, if I can get in. Buses scare me! Unfortunately, I live in California and can not visit, but I will definitely make time in the spring. Your reply gave be a wonderful insight into the university, so thank you. I have to wait to hear back from my other colleges in April/May (I applied to 12), but Michigan is definitely high on my list.

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