First Week of School: ACCOMPLISHED

I just finished my first week of school! “What?” you say, bewildered. “But it’s Thursday!” YES. YES IT IS. I am basking in the glory of the no-classes-on-Friday schedule. I’ve heard of it. I’ve dreamed of it. But I never thought it would actually HAPPEN to me.

My French professor walked into class on the first day and immediately started spewing French. I mean, duh, right? That’s kind of his job. But I had to mentally shift gears and jump from “what is this crazy alien language he speaks” to “I, uh, I kind of understand the phlegm-ridden sounds you are making, but only like every third word.” I started to wonder if I had actually passed the proficiency exam, or if that had just been a dream and I was here by mistake.

ASTROBIOLOGY was an experience. It is apparently a relatively new branch of science that deals with the origins and evolution of extraterrestrial life, and the possibility thereof, so (clearly) I spent most of the class Facebook chatting the word “ALIENS” to people. After class everyone said stuff like “it was nice meeting you!” to each other, but I snickered to myself, having spent the entirety of the class eschewing friend-making, opting instead to Facebook chat in the corner with the friends I already had. I’m so fun.

Anyway, I’ve got to find the laundry room in this place. It was a hot, sweaty week.


3 thoughts on “First Week of School: ACCOMPLISHED

  1. I can relate to your first two paragraphs extremely well. I have Fridays off (unfortunately, I work on Fridays though. Terrible, I know. Fridays should be weekly public holidays for all). And entering French class requires a preparation period, in which you need to, like, get into this whole different mental state.

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