These are my night-thoughts. YES!

It’s late and I’m tired. So, so tired. I can’t sleep, therefore I must blog. I’m at that stage of sleeplessness when good ideas occur to me, and by “good ideas,” I mean “abhorrent ideas that will horrify me in the morning.” But it is not morning. It is night, and the ideas are still good. HA!

I’m going to cut my hair. Yes! This is an awesome idea! I spent forever growing my hair out, but it has been LONG for… well, LONG ENOUGH! Yes! You heard me! I’m cutting it! Right now, if I had that option! But I don’t! So probably next week! Yes! I’ll also dye it black! I’ve dyed my hair every color EXCEPT FOR BLACK! I don’t see any way this idea could be contrived as anything less than STELLAR! This is why I’m blogging it! So tomorrow I will crawl over to my laptop, and I’ll bang on the keyboard until the Internet comes up, and I will come to this blog and read my night-thoughts. And the sheer goodness of this idea will hit Morning Me! YES!

And now it’s time for bed.

EDIT: Morning Me is not on board with this.


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