If you’re planning on reading this book… sorry I spoiled it.

My friend Allison is trying to explain this book, Eternal Eden, to me over the phone.

ALLISON: Okay, so there’s this book I got on my iPod, and it’s… okay, well, it’s kind of like Twilight, but—
ELODIE: Stop right there.
ALLISON: It’s good, seriously.
ELODIE: No it’s not.
ALLISON: I’m going to start explaining it to you now.
ALLISON: So there’s this girl, she’s in college, and they like to stress the fact that she’s ordinary and can’t get guys. But then there are like nine guys willing to go out with her, so—
ELODIE: That sounds familiar.
ALLISON: You ARE listening! I knew you would. Anyway, so she meets this boy that she hates because he’s arrogant and stuff, and then they go swimming and something happens and he leaves because he can’t be with her, and his friends leave her a note—they’re immortal, that’s important—
ELODIE: Wait, what?
ALLISON: And so they become a couple, and he makes her immortal too because she almost dies, but they can’t be together because the guys in charge choose the person you marry.
ALLISON: And they almost have sex, but they can’t because when you do your eyes turn bright blue.
ALLISON: You should read it.


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