Ogling boys from afar (JUST LIKE OLD TIMES!)

Now that it’s summer and I’m home from college, it’s my job to pick up my brother from school every day. I don’t mind, because I’ve missed him this past year, but I also like waiting in the parking lot so I can gawk awkwardly at the high school dramas playing out before me. It’s like a bunch of mini soap operas conveniently located in the general vicinity. Sometimes I buy food on the way there so I’m literally sitting in the parking lot, snacking and eagerly watching like it’s my favorite TV show.

This whole scenario presents its own set of problems, though. The high school parking lot is where it’s at. People chill on the hoods of their cars long after school gets out. Even on the weekends, people meet up there if they’ve got a big group and only want to take one car. I cannot stress this enough: it is the epicenter of our lives. That’s why it’s somewhat awkward, because now I’m seeing every guy I ever had a crush on. Today I saw Spencer. The other day I saw Ace. And what do I do? Say hi? Wave? No. I almost run them over with my car out of sheer alarm.

Last year’s football players who went off to college are starting to trickle in. It’s only a matter of time before I see That Guy and fall in love with him for the 76th time since junior year. But I’m not going to squee. I’m not. I’m not even thinking about him and his luscious hair. (GOD, HE’S PRETTY!)


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