Christmas Clichés

I’ve always really, really wanted to fulfill two Christmas clichés: 1) I’d like to have one of those trains that go around the tree, and 2) I’d like to get a puppy on Christmas morning. Okay, okay, so the puppy thing is unrealistic right now; I already have a dog who thinks she’s actually a furry black human, and she’s not really a dog person, so that’s out. But the TRAIN THING? My God, that would be incredible. I don’t even know exactly what the draw was when I was a kid. I just knew I wanted one of those trains. With a burning, FIERY passion. One day, my friends. One day.

Today’s Christmas song is The Chipmunk Song by the Chipmunks, because this song is ICONIC and the Chipmunks were a staple of my childhood until the movie came along and ruined everything. (Okay, okay, I made peace with the first one, but the squeakquel? It almost killed me!)


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