Christmas Doodles & Stress! But Mostly Christmas Doodles!

Picking classes is stressful. Studying for exams is stressful. Trying to find a ride home for Christmas is stressful. All of these things combined have become a great big ball of unmitigated stress. But you know what? It’s the weekend, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is on ABC Family tonight, I have hot chocolate mix stashed away, and there are twenty-three days until Christmas! (Twenty-four until Kwanzaa and eighteen until Hanukkah!) Take that, stress. I’m ignoring you, so there.

Today’s Christmas carol is “My Grown-Up Christmas List” by Kelly Clarkson. I love, love, LOVE this bad boy, and I was extremely pissed when they took it off iTunes and it disappeared from my library forever, for some reason or another. So whenever they play it on the radio I go, “EVERYBODY SHUT UP AND LIEMME LISTEN TO THIS SONG!” ‘Tis the season, folks.

Here are the Christmas doodles that are at the base of my dwindling success in French class.


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