So close… yet so far…

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a girl’s downward spiral into insanity, behold the following example.

When my friend posted on my wall, “There’s Christmas music on the radio! It makes me think of you!”, I simply liked it and went about my day. When another friend texted to say, “I heard Christmas carols while I was shopping, and it reminded me of you,” I texted back a smiley face. But when my dad called to say, “There’s Christmas music on the radio, and you’ll never guess who I thought of…”, I had reached my breaking point. I took his perfectly nice conversational opener and turned it into a psychotic trigger; I shouted, “OH MY GOD!” and collapsed into a puddle of my own self-inflicted misery.

Ten days until December. Five until my No Christmas Carols Before Thanksgiving ban is OVER. I can do this. I can do this.


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