Mini candy canes, Christmas lights and Joey Richter’s hair of the GODS

I’m writing this week’s post for SparkLife and I’m torn between describing Joey Richter’s hair as “luscious” or “the embodiment of all human attractiveness.”

Anywho. Twenty-three days until December! I have big plans for December, dudes. Big plans, the least of which is that I won’t be at home to help decorate the tree this year, so I’m going to force them to put me on Skype so I can shout instructions… while drinking cocoa and eating mini candy canes by the bucketload, of course. 

Twenty-three days. Twenty-three days. Can I last? I think I can last. At least with the knowledge that are only seventeen days until my self-imposed Christmas carols ban has lifted and I can ROCK OUT. If there’s anything that will test my resolve, the fact that my roommate’s putting up our Christmas lights this weekend will be it. I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Mini candy canes, Christmas lights and Joey Richter’s hair of the GODS

  1. “the embodiment of all human attractiveness” is the obvious choice here. Please, do it for the StarKids.
    Side question that has been eating my brain out: Did he wear the sweatband?!

  2. Elodie, your anticipation and enthusiasm for the Holidays is amazing and profusely contagious! While most people wait until December 1st to start their Advent countdown to Christmas, you’ve already started a pre-December countdown (which I think is brilliant)! I hope you have enough holiday-related excitement to write about in future posts because I would happily check back here more often for help with getting into the Christmas spirit. From what I’ve read, it seems you appreciate the Holidays for the more important and memorable things that make December truly great; it always makes me happy to know there’s still people like that…So keep the December stories coming and I’ll read along for the ride, “laughing all the way.” (Heheh, you see what I did there?)

    • OH MY GOD. People who seamlessly throw Christmas carols into casual conversation are MY FAVORITE PEOPLE. And prepare yourself, because it’s going to get Christmassy all up in here.

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