Guess what, guys! GUESS WHAT! It’s November! And after that, it’s December! DECEMBER! Holy crap, I’m excited! I literally just punched my French textbook out of sheer, unadulterated excitement!

You may have deduced that I get borderline manic about the holidays. I started hypothetically Christmas shopping in July and finally allowed myself to start actually Christmas shopping in October. I literally have to restrain myself from listening to Christmas carols before November. This year I’m holding out for Thanksgiving, actually. I’m making a pledge, with you readers as my witnesses: I will not listen to Christmas carols until after Thanksgiving. Holy mother of GOD, that’s an undertaking! I actually don’t know if I can do it, but I’m going to try, because this way they will seem even more special and I won’t get into full-blown Christmas spirit mode long before everyone else.


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