Blog Traffic Silliness

Sometimes I can’t make sense of this blog’s traffic. On days when I actually set aside my Gummi Bears and put my blood, sweat, and tears into a post, there is the arduous trickle of people occasionally stopping by. On days when I post nothing at all, it’s like rush hour in Manhattan and suddenly I have this bamboozling tidal wave of comments to moderate.

What I find most fascinating are the search terms people type into Google that ultimately lead them here. I mean, usually people type in some variation of “elodie sparklife,” “fate loves the fearless elodie’s blog,” and “the twixter blog elodie.”

Then there are those search terms that are specifically geared toward my weird postings and ideas: “elodie blog elodie vs. the lemon,” “good slytherins,” “cake ball recipe,” “miracle brownies,” and strangely the term “make that test my bitch.”

But the real winners would have to be those poor people who Googled “physics of pancakes,” “slurpee acronyms,” and “dog eating crayons” and somehow wound up here. I also feel bad for the people who looked up “how to get out of bed without hurting” and “why are the owls gathering,” expecting to find comprehensible answers to their questions and instead stumbling upon a blog of teenage ramblings.

Days Until the Starkid SPACE Tour: 7!

P.S. I’m getting around to replying to all the comments I’ve been neglecting. Sorry! Doesn’t mean I didn’t like you or your comment, it just means I’m destined to be a lazy hobo who plays the harmonica on street corners for nickels.


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