Morning Elodie vs. Afternoon Elodie

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I come back to find my half of the room in complete disarray. This is not the work of a burglar; this is the work of Morning Elodie. Morning Elodie is a funny creature, much like a raccoon. She crawls out of bed in the early hours of the morning to get to her first class, and thus wreaks havoc on the room. She tosses clothes over her shoulder with reckless abandon. She leaves toiletries scattered across the floor and chairs overturned. Her unmade bed is a disaster unto itself. She makes groggy, half-hearted attempts to pick up after herself but only winds up shoving things in all the wrong drawers.

Afternoon Elodie must then swing by and sheepishly clean up Morning Elodie’s mess. It’s the eternal struggle.

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