The Human Centipede

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life. Once I went rollerblading on a windy day and wound up hitting a mailbox. Another time I found a stray cat, stuck it in a barrel, and rolled it down a small hill. (I swear I wasn’t a malevolent child; just curious and slightly idiotic.) But the crown jewel was my decision to watch The Human Centipede, because I’m a notorious wimp when it comes to scary movies. Looking back, I don’t think that wasn’t the best way to ease me into the genre.

And now they’re making a sequel. With a twelve-person centipede. Really? I mean, really really? Who hears about a three-person centipede and thinks, “You know what this needs? NINE MORE PEOPLE!”


2 thoughts on “The Human Centipede

  1. A classic example of the lack of creativity these days. “You know what? We’ll make another grossly disgusting film that will make people want to burn their eyes out; BUT WE’LL ADD SOME MORE PEOPLE!” Haha you’re great, Elodie. 🙂

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