My Sick Roommate & the Laundry Debacle

I thought my roommate was invincible. Turns out she isn’t. She’s sick, so I’m using up hand sanitizer like it’s going out of style. I’m taking chewable immunity-boosting tablets like they’re candy (even though they taste like anything but). I am not getting sick before Fall Break. No sir.

Speaking of which, I’m doing this thing where I try to last until Fall Break with the scant amount of clean clothes I have left. Generally I take my laundry with me whenever I go home, and I’m going for Fall Break, and Fall Break is this weekend, and that’s all well and good, right? The problem here is that there are far more dirty clothes than clean ones. I’m taking some creative liberties with clothing choice nowadays. Shirts and pants have stopped matching. Nothing is seasonally appropriate. I’m considering stealing clothes. Desperate times, desperate measures.


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