Oh my God. Oh my God. I need an outfit. I need to write conversation topics on note cards. What the hell am I going to do with my hair?

Okay, okay. So it’s not like I have a date with the cutie I regularly eat breakfast with or anything like that. But you know That Guy? The guy I had a magnitude-ten crush on in high school? The guy who raced me to math class? The greatest human being in the entire world? (I might be exaggerating. Maybe. Probably not, though.) ANYWAY, he’s off playing college football and being amazing, and I was kind of counting on never seeing him again.

I forgot to factor in my brother, Alex. He played football with That Guy last year, so they’re buds. I think That Guy was the older brother Alex never had. (I did my best, but there are only so many times I’ll consent to wrestling in the living room.) So Alex has an away game that brings him out to my neck of the woods, and it’s one of the few games I’m able to attend. And get this… Alex just talked to That Guy, and That Guy is going to be attending, too. AHHHH! The probability of us actually exchanging more than a few words is slim at best, because I’ll probably catch one glimpse of him and collapse into a puddle of hindering social awkwardness, but STILL. He’s just beautiful to behold. Even if it’s just a “Hi, Elodie,” I will so take it.


11 thoughts on “CRUSH ALERT! CODE RED!

      • That’s freaking adorable! (Does he at least LOOK like the lovechild of Jared Padalecki and Matthew Gray Gubler…? Actually, that could be a colossal disaster…) But no, seriously, that’s adorable.

      • Haha thanks 😀 He doesn’t look like any of them but it doesn’t matter cuz he’s the most amazing guy on the planet and he looks beautiful as he is. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Dear thegabsterr,
      We really need some kind of support group. But look at you! Making eye contact and exchanging laughter like a BOSS! Swoop in and take out the other girl! Do it, and never let him go!


      • Dear Elodie,
        I just wanna let you know, because this is very exciting news, that his girlfriend broke up with him and now he hates her. I feel horrible being happy about this, but she wasn’t very nice to him so I guess I shouldn’t feel bad. But now he is available and I am SO HAPPY.

        (By the way this is still thegabsterr I just changed my blog a bit. It is now

        I also think developing a support group would be amazing. We could change so many lives.


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