Updates on My Life (College Edition)

I was listening to music. My roommate was Skyping one of her friends. I vaguely heard her say, “Oh, don’t worry. She has earbuds in. She’s not listening.” So naturally I paused the music and started listening, because who else am I supposed to live vicariously through? I had to get all the juicy details of my roommate’s scandalous love life to make up for the fact that I’m seriously lacking in that department.

Also… elevator conversations. They’re awkward, and 90% of the elevator conversations I have involve chatting about how slow the elevators are. Today was the rare exception; there was a huge puddle of milk in the middle of the floor, so we all awkwardly maneuvered around it, standing closer to each other than seemed entirely necessary.

Someone’s playing opera again. Loudly. I’ve bypassed the “I hate opera” stage and have now dove straight into “opera is awesome,” but then I wavered back into “I barely tolerate opera” and now I’ve settled on “opera and I have a tumultuous relationship.”


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