The follow-up conversation was pretty awkward…

The other day my roommate’s ex-boyfriend came to visit. I thought I’d let them chat, so I went to hang out somewhere. I forgot a couple bucks for snacks, though, so I beat a hasty retreat back up the elevator and down the hall while texting my friend Tara.

ME: With my luck, I’ll walk back in on them having sex or something. HA!
TARA: That could totally happen to you. They’re not together though, are they?
ME: They are decidedly broken up.

(Five minutes later.)

ME: …Oh my God. Never mind.

And, okay, they weren’t having sex. But they were on the right track. Embarrassed apologies were batted around. Gazes were averted. I grabbed some money and bolted while practically yelling over my shoulder, “It’s fine! Don’t worry about it! I’ll be going now! Bye!”


2 thoughts on “The follow-up conversation was pretty awkward…

  1. okay i had no idea where to post this, so it’s going here.
    anyways, i’m from hong kong, and last year’s student council president at my school is currently studying at the same uni as you!
    i find this immensely exciting. you probably do not, but it’s all good.
    i feel somewhat connected to elodie now.
    btw… is elodie your real name? you mentioned that you give all your friends fake names, so i was wondering if you did the same thing to yourself.
    also, (regarding the post) why do you always find yourself in such sticky situations? were you cursed as a young child?

    • NO WAY. I just met someone from Hong Kong! How cool would it be if it was the same guy?!

      By the way… good catch. 😉 Elodie is not in fact my real name. I know it shatters the illusion, but it was the name I always wanted in French class and NOW I HAVE IT. The other Elodie (whose name was really Jenny) can suck it.

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