Conundrum Alert

Today I was faced with a moral dilemma the likes of which I’ve never faced before. With a ticking clock staring me down, I was forced to decide… am I really willing to spend twenty-four dollars of my hard-earned cash on a Golden Snitch necklace?

The answer, after an hour of agonizing internal struggle, was yes.


3 thoughts on “Conundrum Alert

    • I can’t find the link! But it was from… Wicked Clothes? Somewhere on I’m already regretting it… not buying it, because a Golden Snitch watch necklace is practically the best thing in the world, but buying it for twenty-four dollars. Especially considering the one you linked to is only like five bucks! XD But, eh. Next time I’ll think about looking around first before I immediately pounce on the opportunity.

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