Hail to the victors!

I don’t have season tickets, but I watched the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game while fist-pumping egregiously. (As the clock ran out and Denard Robinson was thusly immortalized as a god walking among mere mortals, Ann Arbor exploded into applause that never truly petered out. Some say you can still hear a solitary clapper.) Anyway, it got me wondering… what if I was just wandering around campus and I happened to see Denard Robinson in, say, the dining hall? Or that one Starbucks around the corner? What would I DO? (These are the things I think about. I know, I know. I need a hobby.)

The idea of not doing anything is too foolish to contemplate. I would have to do something. Most likely, all self-control would fly right out the window, and I’d charge at him while saying loudly, “You don’t know me, but I have a jersey with your name on it in my closet!” And while he and his football entourage (in my head for some reason he’s hanging out with Tate Forcier) hurried away, I would yell with great passion, “I sleep in it! All the time! I love you!”


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