Today, I am officially a college student…

…but who cares? Because today, I am also officially a HOGWARTS STUDENT, which is even better! I finally, finally, finally received my Pottermore e-mail, and I may or may not (or may) have spent the last two hours chilling in Diagon Alley, buying my wand, and getting Sorted (I’m in Ravenclaw! How cool is that? Okay, okay, I’d probably be pumped even if they decided I was a total pariah put me in some kind of hybrid house like Ravenpuff or Huffledor or, God forbid, Gryffinin, which just sounds horribly awkward).

I’m AurorSeeker79! Feel free to add me!

Oh. Right. College classes. They were fine. Better than fine, I think. I really enjoyed my Creative Writing class. And French should be a breeze, at least at first. I’ve taken French for five years, and the placement test revealed my true calling to be French 101 for beginners. You can tell I’m a really top-notch student. I wish I could say I flunked the placement test on purpose, just so I could shine in comparison to the rest of the class, but the truth is I just kind of suck. I’ve got to seize this moment and spout off French pronunciations while I can, because soon we’ll move into grammar and I’ll cease to understand what’s going on.


8 thoughts on “Today, I am officially a college student…

  1. I hate you a little bit, except I don’t. But I am extremely jealous. Why is this taking so long? WHY? You can tell I am distressed because I commented on you blog twice today, both about how I cannot stand to wait any longer. My heart stops every time I refresh my inbox. Which is often. This is bad for my health. I should send a strongly worded email about how this is causing me actual medical problems and they should send me my email. Would that work? No, wait… I’m not that desperate. Kind of.

    What house are you in!?

  2. Ahh! I’m so jealous as well! I actually have the Pottermore Insider blog up 24/7 and a BST converter for my time zone. 😦 All this does nothing to cosmically speed up the process of my entrance into the amazing world of Pottermore.
    I will indeed add you when I get in!

  3. Ergh. I got on the “early acceptance” list… but still have no email telling me I can start playing and become a real wizard! I’ve been waiting to go to Hogwarts since I was nine, and they won’t send me the email!

  4. Okay, so I know you’re probably busy with college, but I would absolutely love you till the very end of time if you could answer a question about Pottermore for me. So, I got my acceptance email yesterday, and I’m now on chapter 5 at Diagon Alley, how do you get to Gringots and start everything? It won’t let me go there because it’s “locked”. So, I can’t move on in the story, at all. Please save me from this madness O Great One! (BTW, I’m IceLumos163)

  5. Thanks Elodie! I finally figured it out like 20 minutes later. Like what the heck! It was practically impossible to find! But anyways, thanks again.
    P.S. I adore your writing! You’re amazing!

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