Okay, I know I already planned an elaborate wedding. But when that marriage falls apart I’ll go with this Harry Potter-themed ceremony of splendor and awesomeness. If my fiance does not approve, then he is not the man for me.


9 thoughts on “THIS IS MY WEDDING

      • At this point I think Pigwidigeon would be better. And he’s psychotic.
        Oh, and I am so ridiculously jealous of you that I cannot accurately express it with words. I am trying to stay away from people though, because I might just defenestrate someone if I hear that one more person got their Pottermore email.

      • Oh dude, I understand. I’ve kind of kept it a secret from my friends, because I know how pissed I was when I heard about people getting their e-mails! So someone will be like, “Hey, have you gotten your Pottermore e-mail?” and I’ll be all, “NO! Why, what’ve you heard…?”

      • It’s like the best movie of the decade that everyone bought tickets for, but no one knows the release date, and there are no previews anywhere. And no one says anything about it aside from the fact that it’s the best movie they’ve ever seen in their entire life ever. Hurry it up, Errol!

      • I literally just refreshed my inbox 8 times because I got the tweet that they just sent out emails. 8 TIMES!!!! I CAN’T DO THIS MUCH LONGER!!!

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