Ice Breakers Suck

Just Facebook stalked my friend’s crush for half an hour as she reeled off his good qualities and said, “There’s a better picture in here somewhere, I just know it.” College isn’t so different, now, is it?

There are a ton of people chilling in this room down the hall. It’s right by the drinking fountain, and I’ve gone down there three times in the last ten minutes. I think they’re starting to wonder. (I’m really thirsty, and those cute little Aquafina water bottles just aren’t doing it for me.)

Classes start tomorrow. I’m NERVOUS AS HELL. I’m terrible at speaking in group settings, so I’m afraid I’m going to be that one person who never has anything to contribute and ultimately fails the participation bit of the class. Also, I hate ice breakers. I just feel so put on the spot! “Give us your name, where you live, and one interesting fact about you.” Forget the interesting fact—when it’s my turn, I can barely remember my own name and city! And an interesting fact? I’m not interesting enough to have those! Google says so! Um. Okay, let me think… well, once I got bit by a little girl at McDonalds. Is that interesting? Once I got kicked out of piano lessons for putting my feet on the piano. What about that? Um… once I stapled my own hand? No, no. Why is it that every interesting fact I have makes me look like an idiot? I only pull out the big guns and say “I have no sense of smell” if I really can’t think of anything to say (because after that I’m always “the weird girl who can’t smell”).

Whew. Anyway. Wish me luck!


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