The Apocalypse

Storm alert! The lights are flickering. Alarms are going off. All the doors have snapped shut of their own accord. And… yes, there goes the power. The lights are off, and I’m awkwardly navigating the dorm by the light of my laptop. This is torrential downpour. Apocalyptic, even. Should I start eating our perishables now? What about the milk? Well, I’ll let that go. My roommate may like skim milk, but I like my milk nice and fattening. Sometimes her food baffles me. I slyly check the food drawers when she’s not around and my jaw drops when I see all these healthy, low-carb snacks. Raisins? Apples? A box of some wheat-esque item I’ve never heard of? I came armed with junk food and TV dinners. Tomorrow I’m going to buy some 2%. Assuming we survive this thunder-and-lightning combo deal, that is.

My computer is now on low battery. The end is near, people. The end is near.


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