Aaaaaand I’m off to college

Today I moved into my college dorm. The goodbye with my parents was excruciating; I miss them, and I miss my little brother, and I miss my dog, and I miss my bed, and I miss not sitting in bed and hearing shrieks and yells and thinking, “Well, there go the frat parties…”

I went to this “game night” thing, which dissolved into a twelve-person conversation about Doritos. We were all exchanging cell numbers and things like that, and I when I said mine, this cute guy immediately whipped out his phone and got it all down. Now, I haven’t eschewed the idea that he could have just realized what was going on and wrenched his phone out of his pocket in a panic, like what I do when I hear someone reeling off a phone number and I don’t have any means of writing it down, whether it’s directed at me or not. That is a likely theory. But it’s been a hard day. Let me dream.


3 thoughts on “Aaaaaand I’m off to college

    side note: what’s the cute guy like?
    did you get HIS number?
    will there be midnight texts and phone calls that lead to romantic dates?
    i should hope so!

  2. I got his number, yes! And his demeanor just kind of screamed “youth group leader.” Not in an annoying camp counselor way, but like a cute way. And he plays guitar, and he likes Euchre. That’s all I got out of him. 🙂

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