Tears of Life

Understanding of this post requires understanding of two things: I love football, and I love Pokemon, which of course brings up the notion of Pokemon football… which would be less violent and more adorable.

You know that scene in Pokemon: The First Movie where Ash turns to stone and Pikachu tries to shock him back to life? And Pikachu cries, and the entire world cries with him because it’s the saddest thing ever? (Seriously. That scene was the trauma of my youth. I don’t think I ever fully recovered. To this day I carry scars.) Well, I bought that song (“Tears of Life”) on iTunes.

Fast forward a bit. I was watching the preseason Lions vs. Patriots game. I’m a Lions fan. It’s very painful being a Lions fan, unless you watch the preseason games and pretend they are the regular season games. Anyway, I had it on mute and I was listening to “Tears of Life” and basically rediscovering my childhood. Then I looked up just as the sadness of “Tears of Life” rose to the up-tempo bit where Ash comes back to life… right when the Lions intercepted a Tom Brady pass! A freaking Tom Brady pass! And the music was all miraculous and incredible and I started fist-pumping, to the shock of my parents and their friends, because I was so caught up in the moment and, well, okay, I realize this has had-to-be-there-moment written ALL over it. But dude. It was a little bit awesome.


5 thoughts on “Tears of Life

  1. If you want more pokemon emotional things, youtube misty’s song

    (that didn’t come out right but i hope you know what i mean :P)

  2. Wow, I didn’t think there were many others out there who appreciate soundtracks like that. Tears of Life has been one of my favorite songs from a movie for several years. =] Oh, and of course, that’s totally awesome how it tied in perfectly to an epic moment. Great music seems to have a way with doing that…

      • Well, let’s see here…The soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon has some really beautiful and epic songs. My personal favorites are “See You Tomorrow,” “Test Drive,” and “Romantic Flight” but there’s plenty of other great ones on there. I’m also a really big fan of video game soundtracks and I would say that the music from the Kingdom Hearts series is positively incredible. If you ever feel like listening to some emotionally stirring music, I would urge you to check out a few of those songs.

        Okay, I’ve talked enough. I give you my best wishes for college!

        And here’s some links:


        Kingdom Hearts:

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