Elodie vs. The Crunch Bar

I went bowling the other day. (I usually do this awesome one-foot-in-the-air technique that consistently puts the ball in the gutter.) I went to get a Crunch bar from the vending machines. That’s all I wanted. Just a Crunch bar. And this is a blurry picture of what that Crunch bar did to me.

I tried reaching up there. I tried kicking the machine. Nada. Finally some guy came over, said, “Having some trouble?” and before I could confirm that, yes, I was having some trouble, he started shaking the life out of the thing.

And eventually I got my Crunch bar.


4 thoughts on “Elodie vs. The Crunch Bar

  1. (It’s me again!)
    Today, I was buying chips from a vending machine at my school (barbeque popchips, in case you were wondering), because I have this really cool teacher that encourages eating in his classroom. But after I chose which chips I wanted, they got stuck halfway inbetween the bottom part and the part that holds all the chips back. I cursed at the machine, and lo and behold, not one, but TWO bags of chips magically fell down. If that didn’t make my entire week, I don’t know what will.
    Oh, yeah, and I posted this here because the first thing I thought of when this occurred was this post. 🙂

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