Wasting Gas

I just had lunch with Liam and Allison. The three of us all live in the same general area, so the eco-friendly method would have been to carpool. The eco-friendly method did not occur to us, however; I was literally pulling out of my neighborhood when I saw Allison’s car zoom by, closely followed by Liam’s. And then we all followed each other to the restaurant, wasting gas galore.

My left turn signal is out. I did not know this when I left today. Now I know it. It wasn’t even the front… it was the back one. I realized this at the first left turn we had to make… at which point I also realized there was a cop right behind me. In the heat of the moment, I panicked. Was this a ticket-worthy offense? Could he pull me over? At the last second I veered off and took a right instead, going in the wrong direction completely.


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