The Cake Ball Recipe

Disclaimer: I’m sure there are many cake ball recipes in existence, but this is the one we used, and they tasted heavenly.

You will need:
CandiQuik (they’re blocks of chocolate or vanilla that can be melted into dessert coatings… they don’t sell it everywhere, so try Meijer or Walmart and you should find it above the chocolate chips)
1 box of cake mix (and all the ingredients that come along with THAT)
1 tub of frosting

Bake cake according to directions

Let cool (important step)

Crumble cooled cake in a bowl

Add 2/3 of the tub of frosting, and mix until well-combined

Roll into balls and place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper

Place cookie sheet with cake balls in freezer for one hour

After cake balls are frozen, begin melting the CandiQuik according to its instructions (we put two blocks in a microwave-safe bowl and heated it accordingly)

Using a spoon, dunk ball into melted CandiQuik, drain off excess… place ball on wax paper

If you want to add sprinkles, add those immediately


8 thoughts on “The Cake Ball Recipe

    • I wish we’d thought to call them pops! My friend’s mom kept poking her head in and making “balls” jokes. It was an uncomfortable sort of hilarious.

  1. Wait, how big is the ball that you roll them into? Like a tiny, size-of-the-O-that-is-made-when-you-touch-the-tip-of-your-index-finger-to-your-thumb ball, or size-of-your-fist ball, or size-of-a-basketball ball? Are they bite size or small-country sized? I MUST KNOW SO I CAN MAKE CAKE BALLS INSERT INNUENDO HERE

    • We did various sizes that were in the vicinity of size-of-the-O-that-is-made-when-you-touch-the-tip-of-your-index-finger-to-your-thumb ball. I think that’s ideal. We did like, three size-of-your-fist-balls just for the fun of it but we realized when we tried to eat them that that was too much… um, ball.

  2. Had to laugh at your cake ball incident! At least you did make ‘cake balls’ versus cake pops – when you put them on a lollipop stick that adds another evel of difficulty – but practice makes perfect! They are definitely worth it.

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