My Schedule

My college classes are as follows: Creative Writing (the only open slot was at 8:30 in the morning, and I jumped on it like it was a three-course meal and I was a starving refugee), French (and not just French, but intensive French… it practically takes up my entire life. People in this place are very into languages… I heard people saying things like, “Well, if I’m proficient in Japanese by next semester, I’d like to take up Lithuanian and have at least eight languages under my belt by graduation…” which kind of blew my I-took-this-class-because-it’s-a-requirement mind), and African-American Literature (which, to be honest, was way down the list as my eighth or ninth choice but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless).

This college has a Quidditch team. I like to think I’d make a good Beater. Realistically, though, I probably have a future as a fourth-string Chaser who only gets play time when we’re 400 points ahead and the other three are so exhausted from scoring so much.


4 thoughts on “My Schedule

    • THAT’S AMAZING! I’ve never, ever seen Quidditch played in real life, or know anyone who has, and I have a pressing question… what do you use for a Snitch?

      • Oh well, basically we use me or my friend Alex. We switch off and as a snitch, I wear a gold shirt and awesome golden leggings. We stick a gold sock in the back of my leggings and the seeker has to try and grab it. I love being the snitch because I’m fast and we’re allowed to do basically anything to avoid capture, including going off the field and slapping the seeker. It’s brutal and awesome.

      • I. Am. In. Awe. Now I want to be the Snitch. I’ll kick and scream and yell “HELP, I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!” to avoid capture if necessary.

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