Spoiler-Free Harry Potter Thoughts

You haven’t seen it yet? Why haven’t you seen it? Buy a ticket! Grab some popcorn! Put on a pair of wizard shorts and get a move on!

At 11 PM, a kid dressed as Dumbledore ran up to the front of the theater and screamed, “ONE HOUR, MUGGLES!” at which point everyone just went apeshit. I have a long, long history of ruining books and movies for people, so I’m making an honest effort not to do that here. Just know that I am not a Snape fan. I never have been. Yesterday, however, Alan Rickman made me a Snape fan.


7 thoughts on “Spoiler-Free Harry Potter Thoughts

  1. You just lost yourself 20 awesome points.

    I’m a huge snape fan. Unfortunately, I hate all the HP movies because I think they’re crappy. Sorry.

    (I might or might not be saying this because I live in China and the HP movies won’t be out till like, October? lol. AND THEY’LL BE IN CHINESE.)

  2. I agree with you completely. I never liked Snape. He had a 30-year grudge on Harry’s father and took it out on Harry simply because they shared blood. He is a bad person because no good person takes out his pent-up anger on a poor 11 year old boy who has absolutely no idea what a bezoar is off the top of his head. Would he despise a two-year-old whose aunt’s cousin’s cat once scatched his big toe and left a tiny red mark for two hours?

    However, when Alan Rickman choked out his final words, the watergates opened and I suddenly lost all hatred I had for the man whose devotion to Lily never wavered even when they were separated by death.

    Also, your blog rocks.

    • “Would he despise a two-year-old whose aunt’s cousin’s cat once scatched his big toe and left a tiny red mark for two hours?” hehehe good one.

    • Thank you! And you took the words right out of my mouth. Snape just… oh, I don’t know. My friends LOVE him, and I’m that one awkward person who sits there and shrugs and goes “ehh.” I mean, I think he’s a complex and interesting character, but I also think people romanticize him too often.

      Alan Rickman made me forget all of that for, like, the last half of the movie, though.

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