The Good Slytherins

My friend Tara and I are re-watching all the Harry Potter movies, and we’ve concluded that there’s a group of “good Slytherins” that secretly abhor the Dark Arts, support Harry Potter, and commit random acts of kindness throughout Hogwarts as well as mild acts of mayhem during Umbridge’s short but memorable regime. They’re easy to pick out of a crowd—the “good Slytherins” are the ones who join Flitwick’s school choir in the third movie, the ones who applaud when Gryffindor wins the House Cup in the first movie, and who hover in the background whenever Draco taunts Harry, quietly refusing to laugh.

They are a small but growing number. They are a quiet people, living underfoot. Quiet, yet determined. One day they will rise up and give Slytherin House a good name.

(Here’s a fun drinking game—while watching the first and second movies, take a drink every time you see Susan Bones awkwardly hanging out with the Gryffindors or skulking in the background for no apparent reason. She’s kind of an all-purpose extra. Also, I’m convinced the director of the third movie did not actually read the book, and instead had somebody give him a brief summary. I realize it’s hard to incorporate everything from such a stellar novel into a single movie. But bits of this movie were just silly.)


3 thoughts on “The Good Slytherins

  1. HEY IT’S ME TROLLING AROUND YOUR BLOG AGAIN! What didn’t you like about the third HP movie? It’s my favorite of all of them, actually (besides DH2 of course). I think the director was brilliant, but it’s likely I’ve deluded myself into ignoring the silly things (the last shot of the film, with Harry on the Firebolt, is ridic though. Is ridic a word? I’m making it a word.) ANYWAY I’d like to hear your thoughts!

    • Oh, I’m just a huge movie snob. Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix were actually my favorite books. Comparatively, though, I didn’t think PoA wasn’t any worse off than the other movies, other than some bits where Harry, Ron, and Hermione were awkwardly standing really far apart (sure it looks visually appealing, but nobody does that). I just got disproportionately pissed off when Harry managed to knock out Snape with a single Disarming spell. I didn’t realize “Expelliarmus” was an all-purpose offensive spell. (I should’ve lowered my expectations right then and there. It would’ve prepared me for Order of the Phoenix, where Ginny’s Reductor Curse practically blew up the entire Department of Mysteries. I mean, I know she’s good, but jeez.)

  2. fun fact: the girl who plays Susan Bones is Chris Columbus’ daughter. that’s why she’s in almost every shot… and never talks because obvi her accent would give her away.

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