College admissions office needs to do some soul-searching

I just took the online math placement test for the college I’m going to. I hope they didn’t have some sort of recording system catching my attractive facial expressions (read: me sitting there in slack-jawed wonder, as if I’d never seen precalculus before) and frequent exclamations of, “What the hell is THAT? Is that even a real problem? Is that even solvable? Did I even learn anything my senior year?” At one point I’m pretty sure I made up my own mathematical formulas.

Math is not my strong point. I’m willing to bet the admissions office will glance at my scores and do a double take, and then demand, “How did this girl even get in?” Then they’ll check the recording device and see that, when I wasn’t making faces at the screen, I was spinning in my computer chair while throwing a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball against the wall. If they’re not impressed by the fact that I bounced it, spun around, and then caught it, well, someone clearly blackened their souls long ago.


2 thoughts on “College admissions office needs to do some soul-searching

    • That post is the story of my LIFE. And I returned the favor by stalking your blog. I think all stable relationships include a significant amount of stalking.

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