Cute guy alert! Cute guy alert! I’m at the bookstore, again, and there is a beautiful male specimen currently restocking the young adult section. I love his hair. I want to run over and touch his hair. He looks about my age, too. God, his hair is a work of art. Must see his name tag. Must… see… nooo! He’s walking away! Away to the check-out counter to help people with their purchases. And… now he’s talking to the other (female) cashier. They’re laughing. They’re talking and laughing. Laughing and talking and talking and laughing. Damn you! Damn you, floozy check-out temptress!

I’m throwing a rage-filled scene of revenge into my novel. Just for kicks. It doesn’t fit. There’s nowhere to put it. So if, in the distant future, you’re all reading this and you come across a completely out-of-nowhere scene where the main character sprays some cute guy at the bookstore with mustard for no apparent reason, just go with it.


7 thoughts on “CODE RED, PEOPLE

  1. HAHAHA I so, so, SO wish I was as funny as you! You’re my favorite NBKer, and I’m glad you told us about this blog of yours, because I can soak in twice as much Elodie hilarity! (See what I did there? I could be a rapper with my sick rhymes)

  2. I’ve been seeing SO many hot guys lately. and they are all nerds. We call them Cerds – Cute Nerds.

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