Ponies & Novels

I really need to trim my bangs. I feel like a Shetland pony. In other news, I’ve outlined Le Novel but I ran into the brick wall of novel-writing when my dad noticed me working on it and asked the question: “What is it about?”

Here’s what I came up with: “Um. A girl. A girl who goes to California to find her estranged mother who works in a cupcake shop.”

I felt it was a very succinct summary, but he only stared.


7 thoughts on “Ponies & Novels

  1. i am VERY excited about this novel!
    by the way, i am an avid fangirl 🙂 i love your sparklife column and this blog.
    i think you’re hilarious and clever and all kinds of awesome.
    when i grow up, i want to be elodie 🙂

      • Hey! What about me!? I’m a fangirl too! :3

        And alright! An outline! WE’RE MAKING PROGRESS! :DDD California and cupcakes…I like it so far xD MUST HAVE MORE DETAIL. Gimme. :3

  2. I feel like you’re my twin. Only older by two years. I’m only 16.
    But we’re both intellectual with favorite poets and poems, social awkwardness, and perfect punctuation that is slightly pretentious.We’re both writing novels and have bangs that make my mom call me Cousin It. And we’re both gigantic Harry Potter nerds with crazy friends and baking escapades (you should hear about the time we tried to make Coconut Macaroons).
    Also, I have an old-fashioned blog. It’s on paper.

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