Cake Balls & MapQuest

It’s Open House Season, baby! Yesterday my friends and I took off in a car that was liable to break down (in retrospect, not smart), and we were driving for a few minutes before we realized we had no idea where this particular open house was. I did some quick MapQuesting, but MapQuest and I do not get along. MapQuest and I fight like an old married couple. MapQuest yelled at me for putting in the wrong address and suggested an alternative. I told MapQuest that some address in Alaska was not a substitute for an address in Michigan. MapQuest finally complied and provided the directions, and told me with a smirk that the trip would take approximately 38 hours and 4 minutes.

MapQuest is a little whore.

We made it, though. And today is my open house. There will be cake balls (God’s gift to mankind, kind of makes up for that Great Flood thing) and there’s, like, a freaking SHRINE to me on the coffee table. A shrine! My very own shrine! My brother has had his very own shrine in our basement for about two years. Never mind that mine is temporary, I have a SHRINE.


2 thoughts on “Cake Balls & MapQuest

  1. …I hope you know that I will be quoting your dispute with MapQuest for the rest of my life. XD

    And congratulations on your shrine! LOL

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