Everyone should have a friend like my friend Claire. She’s the kind of person who will fist pump to the sound of your name being called at an assembly. She’ll break dance in public and write obscenities on her dearest friends’ cars with window marker. She’ll kick your prom date in the balls if he isn’t treating you right. She’s fearless and fun and a little bit of crazy and a lot of insanity.

Today my friends and I were carpooling to our graduation rehearsal. Keira, who just recently got her license, was driving, which was delightful when we weren’t veering into oncoming traffic. Claire was singing “Teenage Dream” out the window at passersby. It’s necessary for you to know that Claire is tone deaf to the point where it should be considered a disability, so “YOUUUU… MAKE… ME… FEEL LIKE I’M LIVIN’ A TEEEENAAAAAGE DREAM…” wasn’t exactly a musical marvel. Her voice cracked, she was pitchy in all the worst places… but what she lacked in talent she made up for in volume. Claire believes that if you’re going to sing, you’ve got to sing it loud and sing it proud. She belted out “LET’S GO ALLLLL… THE WAY TONIGHT. NO REGRETS… JUST LOVE” in a way that probably made Katy Perry flinch for reasons she’ll never understand. And then, and then stars aligned and everything fell into place and Claire screeched “THE WAY YOU TURN ME ON!” just as we were passing these two elderly, posh, well-to-do businessmen carrying briefcases who both whipped around in absolute shock.

There’s a certain crazy screwed-up beauty to Claire’s singing voice that coincides with the beauty of Claire the person. It’s surprising, it’s strange and unexpected, but it’s beauty all the same.



  1. Hahahaaa…oh, that post just made my day XDDD Claire sounds like an AWESOME person; I’ve always wanted to be outgoing enough to do stuff like that XD

    Beauty comes in many forms; you don’t have to have the best singing voice in the world to be beautiful, that’s for sure~ :3 I really want to run into Claire someday just so I can tell her how awesome she is. (And all because of your post! 😀 Spreading awesomeness all over the world!) LOL

    • RIGHT? I always wish I had that ballsy, spitfire personality. But if I were to do something like that I’m sure people would just kind of stare and mutter out of the corners of their mouths, “Okaaay… no sudden moves, she might charge at random.”

  2. Yeah, Claire seems AWESOME!! you are definitely lucky you have a friend like that!! I have a friend who is like that, but Claire definitely puts her to shame. 🙂

  3. I will! xD
    and somehow all Claires are somewhat similar. My Claire and me have been fist bumping ever since psych. 😛

    • Holy Lassiter! My other friend Holly and I do that EXACT. SAME. THING. We also have “Don’t be a…” wars (like, “Don’t be a gooey chocolate chip cookie” or “Don’t be an incorrigible Eskimo pie with a caramel ribbon” or “Don’t be this crevice in my arm”) BECAUSE THAT SHOW IS GENIUS.

      • Holy Lassiter? Please can I steal that phrase?? 🙂 OHMYGOD WE DO THE EXACT SAME THING! We just wait for an opportunity to say Dont be a Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie(My fav) or Dont be a Rabid Porcupine! 🙂 And we play the Guess the Conversation game. (You know, in Forget Me Not, when Trish and her dad are talking outside the Psych Office and Shawn and Gus try to guess what they are saying)
        And ever since Psych, we also love Pineapple juice and Pineapple Upside Down Cake and everything Pineapple related!

      • Oh. My God. Are we the same person?! That’s amazing!

        Holly’s really good at finding the pineapple, but I sort of suck. I get wrapped up in the episode and I forget to look. And that phrase is all yours. XD

  4. Whaddaya know, my sister is named Claire, and she sings a lot too! She’s actually a really good singer, and she prefers Adele and Glee to Katy Perry, but WHATEVER. Your Claire reminds me of my Claire anyway. 🙂

  5. (eh, i had to start a whole new comment, oh well)
    HAHA!! XD I suck at finding the pineapple too, so i just google it.

    Ahh you just made my day, by comparing yourself with me!!! lol, I may be your evil twin, though nowhere as awesome as you.. 🙂

  6. de·fen·es·trate

    verb (used with object), de·fen·es·trat·ed, de·fen·es·trat·ing.
    to throw (a person or thing) out of a window.

    ^^ my new favourite word! 😀

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