Comment ca va?

I haven’t kept up with the 30 Day Challenge. It has turned into the 5 Month Challenge and is well on its way to being the Three-and-a-Half Year Challenge. As my friend Holly likes to say, I really fudged the bucket on that one. So I’ll pick up where I left off, again.

Day 8: How are you feeling today?

Let’s see… today I am feeling 1) happy, because last week was my last day of high school forever; 2) nervous about college; 3) relieved, because I’m basking in the laziness of having nothing to do; 4) panicky, because HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I’M GOING AWAY TO COLLEGE AND I’M LEAVING MY MOM AND DAD AND BROTHER AND DOG AND MY ROOM AND I REALLY LIKE MY ROOM AND MY NICE, FAMILIAR BEANBAG CHAIR AND LUIGI PLUSHIE AND PIGGY BANK THE SIZE OF MY HEAD AND I AM SO NOT READY FOR THIS; 5) sad, because I’ll miss my family and friends; 6) happy again, because okay seriously, Elodie, chill, you have a few months to hang with the fam and it’s not like they’ll convert your room into an office or an exercise room, right? Right? And 7) I NEED TO BUY A FAN FOR MY DORM ROOM. IT’LL BE HOT. THERE’S NO AIR CONDITIONING. I NEED A FAN, NOW. WHAT IF THEY RUN OUT OF FANS?

So. You, reading this. How are you today?


5 thoughts on “Comment ca va?

  1. Lol. I tried doing something similar and failed miserably at keeping up as well. Don’t feel too bad xD

    Well, today I am feeling 1) happy because I’m finally home after a long day of school and driver’s ed, followed by a flute lesson; 2) irritated because I just remembered that I promised my biology teacher I’d upload my stupid lab by last Friday and I still haven’t yet and she’s probably already put the grade in; 3) hungry, because of course today would be the day I run out of lunch money; 4) entertained and uplifted by your awesome post; 5) worried because now I’ve started thinking about my own high school graduation in only two more years; 6) a little panicky myself because I have no idea what the hell I’m going to do with my life outside of school; 7) annoyed but also amused because I just asked my sister to get me some milk, to which she refused, to which I sulked and begged her to pour me some damn milk because I was too lazy to get up, to which she then got a big glass, poured me my milk, and set it on the counter just far enough so that I’d have to get up anyway to get to it. Little brat. xP And 8) dreading the amount of homework I have to do tonight and knowing that I’m probably going to put it off for the next four hours anyway and end up finishing it at one in the morning.

    Hey, I’ve got a fan! And my best friend Katie has a fan, except hers is all in Spanish. Yes, she got a Spanish fan. The box, the remote control, the buttons on the fan itself, everything. Trying to figure out how to put it together was an adventure…

    • That sounds like a damn good story! And your sister sounds like the best kind of brat, the too-hilarious-for-their-own-good kind. I hope I didn’t worry you too much about after high school. I mean, plans? PSH. Who has those nowadays?

      I USED TO PLAY THE FLUTE. I mean, for two weeks. But still.

      (I love how it turned your number 8 into a B). Stupid comment form, thinks it knows everything.)

      • Lol yup xD My sister and I do actually get along most of the time. But that doesn’t stop her from being a brat sometimes. xP

        Ha! I did the same with clarinet. Played it for about two weeks, decided I hated it, and switched to flute. I’ve been playing it for six years now, so I guess I picked the right instrument this time :3

        (Yes, that’s very irritating! XD Almost as annoying as Facebook emotes!)

      • Did your music teacher give you a hard time? Mine chewed me up and spit me out. I cried in the bathroom and ate Jolly Ranchers in a state of watery sadness.

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