Never Been Kissed

For the few stragglers who stumbled upon this blog from SparkLife… first of all, how are you? Good? Delightful? Me too. And second of all, never fear. My column is all written up and will be posted when Chelsea returns!

P.S. Well, we finished our cat dissection in anatomy, and my group went out with our usual incompetent bang. We fizzled out on the final test and capped it off by accidentally chopping off the cat’s testicles. I wish I was joking.


10 thoughts on “Never Been Kissed

  1. I just found this from your latest Sparkpost about graduation. You are by far my favorite person to read on Sparknotes, and I can tell you are a genuinely nice (not to mention thuper witty) person. I live in Michigan too–PLEAZZ BE MY BFFL?!?!!?!? TANX. Haha, btw: you wrote about a new cashier hawtie working at your market…Does he work at Trader Joe’s? I know the chances of it being the same guy are next to none, but I would buy an extra thousand jars of gross organic PB from this blondie.
    P.S. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BOOK!!!! I WILL FOSH BUY IT. When reading your blog, I often think, “This girl can just compile these posts into a book and she’ll be a bestseller.”

    • Thank you so much! If this “best friends” thing is going to work, we’re going to need friendship bracelets. Or we can dare to be different! We can get friendship neckties, or friendship ankle monitors in case one of us is under house arrest. And no, my hottie doesn’t work at Trader Joe’s. But this is good. At least we’re lusting after different hotties.

  2. i just peed myself a little. and i did find this from sparknotes, and i am darn glad i did (also, i am delightful. thank you for asking!). i have been sitting here for a couple hours reading all of these posts. the last time i got up from where i was sitting it was still light out. i feel like if i knew you, you would definitely be in my group of friends. its the same way i feel about my latest english teacher. except you are much younger. and you are a couple years older than me. in addition, your sparknotes post about how high school will get better was so supermega amazing that i posted it on my bff’s wall and we both freaked out about how inspirational it was. not gonna lie, i cried a little. you should get an award for that post. it was like those spur of the moment speeches in the movies that are so perfect and well thought it makes you think “wow, even though that speech was unrealistically good because of how spur of the moment it was, it happened to be so amazing that i feel victorious FOR the character that just delivered that such an impromptu miracle as that speech.” except it was probably well thought out because it was not phonetically given and instead typed out. but still equally amazing as one that would be impromptu… i think i made my point. however if i didn’t, then i shall clarify: that post was transcendent.

    • I kind of just squealed. That was one of THE nicest comments I’ve ever gotten! I just had one of those icky, I’m-going-to-sit-around-all-day-and-mope, I-don’t-need-to-shower-and-hygiene-be-damned kind of days. And this just made it a thousand times better!

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