Ever since 7th grade my best friend Kathryn and I talked about getting our licenses together, double dating together, graduating together. And then in tenth grade she moved hundreds of miles away. We exchange novel-length emails and we call each other but the fact of the matter is, graduation is days away and we’re so far apart. I’m happy I’m graduating. I am. I just miss her a lot.


3 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Aww…I’ve been lucky enough to never have a really close friend who moved away, but it must really suck. (Is this the same Kathryn you confused with Cynthia in Embarrassing Moment #1? XD She is an awesome, awesome person.) Sorry about that though; I’m sympathetic 😦 Good to know you’re still good friends though. :3

    • It is the same Kathryn! I suppose if she hadn’t moved away I wouldn’t have had that tragic gem to share with you. So, silver lining. XD

      • And the world would have been severely deprived of said tragic gem, which would have been a terrible thing! XD Silver lining indeed! LOL

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