This Week…

Some girl shoved her friend into me in the hallway, and my immediate (and spastic) response was to punch her in the back of the head. (Whoops.)

I flipped off an old man who was throwing his hands in the air behind me while I was trying to drive, and then we had this intense staredown at the next light.

I’ve spent my entire third hour ogling the hot substitute teacher.

I am making a video for my final project in French with my friends. It’s a murder mystery… and I’m Colonel Mustard.

My friend was forging a note to get herself out of choir, and I made her turn it into a singing telegram. As well as an interpretative dance.


3 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. 1. You just earned two more awesome points for that response. xD

    2. Three more for the flip-off and staredown.

    3. Eh, we don’t have any hot substitutes at our school. They’re all middle-aged people who clearly wish they could be doing anything with their lives other than watching a bunch of highschoolers.

    4. NICE. x3

    5. Oh, bonus ten awesome points for that one. Is there going to be a video of that posted here? XD

    • You get pity points for the lack of hot substitute teachers. You’re right though… 99% of them are unenthusiastic 40-somethings who butcher people’s names. This guy happened to be the ABSOLUTELY DREAMY exception. XD And to number 5: I WISH. There’s a really intense chase scene with dramatic background music. But there’s also the fact that I run like a wounded gazelle, and I don’t think the world is ready to see that.

  2. My English teacher made a Spanish murder video for a project and my friend somehow found it on the internet… the worst part is that he’s reallyyyy young so we laugh every time we see him….
    I go to an all girls school, and when we had mass, we had an apparently really hot priest (I couldn’t see it…) and almost every girl was staring at him the whole time… I couldn’t stop laughing XD

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