Damn you, Pavlov!

We’re dissecting the cat in my anatomy class. You know how every dissection has the same basic stock characters? There’s the kid who’s too squeamish to look in the cat’s general direction. There’s the kid who has a little too much fun probing around in there with the instruments. There’s the kid who’s constantly fretting, “Did you see the coronary artery? Did we label the coronary artery? That’s on the test, right?” There’s the kid who gives the cat a look of complete disinterest before checking out five minutes in and coming back five minutes before the bell. Then there’s the kid who names the cat and strokes its head and croons, “Soon you will be mine.”

I think I’m turning into the kid who’s always eating snacks around the cat. I have this dissection right before lunch every single day. Come on, a girl gets hungry. So there I am, gnawing at a granola bar and watching my friend slice through connective tissue when some girl walks past and says, shocked, “Are you EATING next to a DEAD CAT?”

I blink. I hadn’t realized it was taboo. I gesture toward the cat and said, “Am I supposed to share?”

(TWENTY POINTS TO WHOEVER CAUGHT THE PSYCH REFERENCE. I actually think that episode had to do with the Little Boycat, too.)

I am worried that I’m being conditioned. What if I start getting hungry every time I see a dead cat? What if it elevates? What if I get hungry whenever I see dead animals? WHAT IF I EAT THE ANIMALS? Is this how cannibalism starts?


5 thoughts on “Damn you, Pavlov!

  1. I had to do the same thing, except I got frogs xP My partner was in the too-squeamish-to-look-at-it category, so I got to do the whole thing on my own. Luckily I didn’t care one iota about plunging my hands into a giant frog’s innards. I was the only one besides the teacher not wearing gloves, actually. I find they get in the way. Everyone else who saw me made disgusted faces similar to the ones I’m sure you received while eating during your own class. (Although personally, I don’t see much of a problem with that…cannibalism is always a possibility, of course.)

      • Psh, you’ve won so many awesome points already that your badassness–that’s not even a word, is it?–FAR surpasses mine XD

        I find it extremely odd that I can dissect a frog glove-less with no problem, but I cannot stand scrubbing out dirty dishes. Plus the smell of dirty dishes makes me nauseous, but the frog stench for me was only mildly unpleasant. Not the food itself, just when I’m cleaning it–I love smelling food that’s being made or eaten. It’s like there’s a switch in my brain that goes “Okay, this is considered trash now, not food, so it will now make you squeamish.” Luckily I don’t have to handwash too often cuz of our awesome dishwasher, but when I do, it’s always a scrubbing job…Eh. I’m weird. xP

      • OH MY GOODNESS I GET WHERE YOU’RE COMING FROM. I HATE cleaning dirty dishes. Doesn’t even matter if they’re mine, I can’t stand it. I abuse our dishwasher far too often with shoddy scrubbing jobs.

        But that IS weird! It appears you’re selectively squeamish, which I suppose is better than being all-around squeamish. Do you want to go into nursing, or zoology?


    I abuse my poor dishwasher too, and when my parents catch me doing it they make me handwash it again xD;; It’s one of the VERY few things that you will ever catch me whining like a girl who’s just seen some giant insect about how disgusting and cringeworthy it is. It is especially weird in my case though, ’cause after all…Insects? No problem. Reptiles/Amphibians/Other Animal That Crawls Or Squirms Or Is Slimy? Love ’em. Dead animal to be dissected in Biology class? Bring it. But just put one dish in need of scrubbing in front of me……;u;

    Eh. I guess I do prefer selectively squeamish to all-around squeamish though. xD I love animals, so if I had to choose I’d definitely go into zoology. Nursing isn’t really my thing, I don’t think (working with PEOPLE? THE HORROR! xP). My next door neighbors actually have a farm, with ducks and hens and pigs and everything–they have baby rabbits now too :D–AND they just got a puppy, who is too adorable for his own good. A german shepard who hasn’t even grown into his paws yet. :3

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