…is what I would have said if thoughts such as “I haven’t answered B in a while, might as well choose that” hadn’t floated across my mind at regular intervals. Whoo boy. By the end of that AP Stats exam, I was a hot mess. My brain was a puddle of despair and misery. I can’t even make smart decisions anymore. As soon as I got home, I burned a Tupperware dish by setting it on the stove because I forgot the stove was on, and apparently I felt the counter was not an option.


10 thoughts on “I MADE THAT AP TEST MY BITCH

  1. Aw, I know that feeling; when you end up feeling defeated by a test…never fun. Well, I hope you’re not worrying about it -too- much about it.

    • Right?! I don’t even know how I got roped into it! By far the most stressful part was writing out this “I won’t share the test questions with anyone” bit in cursive, because I haven’t brushed up on my cursive skills since about the third grade and I had to be the one who sheepishly raised her hand and asked for more time. HEADDESK.

      • Don’t headdesk too excessively Elodie, you might be concussed by a headdesk.
        I always write in half cursive because I’m too lazy to pick up my pencil in between words.

      • Dude. Totally understandable. And I’m cautious with my headdesks… wouldn’t want to pull a John Green now, would I?

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