After Prom

I’m not going to reveal the details of prom until my column on Thursday, but I will say this: it includes a fair amount of swing dancing and our prom king doing back flips, as well as Claire kicking Allison’s date in the balls towards the end of the night.

After prom, I spent the night at my friend Lilly’s house. Allison woke me up early and we drove around town aimlessly, talking about prom and the events that prompted the aforementioned act of violence against her date’s chances of procreation. We stopped at McDonalds, where I got to play the role of the real classy girl wearing high heels, sweat pants, and a shirt so baggy I was drowning in it. My make-up was frightening. My hair was falling apart. I felt I was being judged by the McDonalds employees, but that’s just how life goes.


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