“It’s prom day,” huffed my friend Holly. “Shouldn’t we be… I don’t know… relaxing?”

We were, in fact, juggling liters of pop and a bouquet of flowers while trying to unlock her car. To cap off the whole fiasco, I was testing out my heels, so I was stumbling around precariously and yelling, “Hurry, dammit!” Once we finally jumped that hurdle, we embarked on our journey to the flower shop to pick up our boutineers. En route, Holly said suddenly, “We don’t know what we’re doing, do we?”

“We certainly don’t,” I said.

“I mean… are you supposed to keep them in the refrigerator? Prom is in nine hours, for God’s sake.”

“I’ll Google it,” I said, fishing around in my pocket and whipping out my trusty iPhone. After a few moments of searching and bad pop radio music, I laughed. “Apparently you’re supposed to put it in the fridge… NEVER THE FREEZER.”

“It says that?”

“It does. And… oh, dear.”


“It also says there can’t be apples or pears in the fridge, because they give off gases that kill flowers.”

She slammed her fist on the steering wheel. “Damn those flower-killing fruit gases!”

“We might as well quarantine the boutineers from all food. And drinks. Who’s to say what’s safe anymore?”

We laughed at how hilarious we were, but the laughter trailed off and bad pop music filled the air. Finally Holly said, “We really don’t know what we’re doing, do we?”

“We really don’t.”


2 thoughts on “PROM DAY

  1. Okay, I keep meaning to leave a comment and I keep forgetting. I think I’ll just go through every post you’ve put up for the past few weeks and comment on all of them to make up for lost time. :3

    I LOVE YOUR WRITING STYLE HERE. It looks like you’ve taken out a section of a book. …You know what? YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK. Yes. You really should.

    Ha, prom day. I never what I’m doing for any sort of formal event, let alone prom. I’m not even sure if I want to go when the time comes. But my friend Katie will probably force me. :3;;

  2. We should all have a friend like Katie–that one person that forces us to do things we’d never do otherwise. Your commenting spree inspired me to go on one of my own and I’m replying to EVERYTHING.

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