I’m not mortally afraid of clowns that way some people are, but I dislike them all the same. I mean, who doesn’t? They’re creepy and unnatural, and who could forget John Wayne Gacy, who killed 33 people and went by the cheerful moniker of “The Killer Clown”? Clowns are sketchy, like oatmeal cookies and parking garages. They just are.

But there’s a legitimate circus in my town this week! I kid you not—a freaking circus! I’m kind of pumped, despite the likelihood of seeing clowns. When I was five, a clown sat on my father. I’ve been wary of them ever since.


2 thoughts on “Clowns

  1. I was never that freaked out by clowns. Never particularly liked them either, but at least I wasn’t scared by them. They’re just weird, really.

    On a side note: I only just realized that this site turns half my emoticons into these weird smiley face things…..O.o

  2. …But I LIKE Gram’s Amazing Chocolate Oatmeal Drop Kookies (That even my mom eats although she’s allergic to the peanut butter you put in the cookies)

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